Italian Progressive Osseous Heteroplasia Association (IPOHA)

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POHA is pleased to announce the formation of the Italian Progressive Osseous Heteroplasis Association by Dr. Roberto Bufo. Dr. Bufo is a Pediatric Dermatologist in the small town of Cerignola, in southern Italy and his 18 year old son Marcello is a POH patient. Dr. Bufo, his wife Pia and their 3 children attended the 2000 FOP/POH Symposium in Philadelphia.

He was so impressed with Dr. Kaplan and the work of the POH Collaborative Research Group that he returned to Italy determined to help raise funds for POH research. After corresponding with POHA, it was decided that the best way to raise funds and still provide a tax-free environment for Italian donors was to form an Italian Association. After many months and much hard work Dr. Bufo was successful in incorporating IPOHA. Even more important was POHA’s recent receipt of a check from IPOHA’s first fund raising efforts.

Dr. Bufo is also actively spreading the word about POH to doctors in Italian. We really appreciate Dr. Bufo's having the guide book translated into the Italian version. Congratulations Roberto, we're all proud of you and your family.

What is POH: Progressive Osseous Heteroplasia Guidebook for Families: Second Edition available in English and Italian

Click here or on the image above to download the Italian version of the Guidebook for Families

Roberto Bufo (President)
Via XXV Aprile 17, pal.B/1
71042 Cerignola (FG)

Telephone/Fax +39 0885. 429375 (answerphone)
Email ipoha@libero.it


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